SAA: StepUp Car Rental

This romantic getaway is going to be spent discovering the exotic local cuisine. This visit, you’re going to sign that contract that takes your business to the next level. This trip down memory lane, you’re going to show the kids where you came from.

Your reasons for travelling are your own. But getting around does not need to be fraught with challenges. We make it easy.

Once your flight is booked, why not rent a car? SAA’s StepUp Car Rental service does all the hard work for you. Now you don’t have to be a lawyer trying to figure out arcane car rental rules. We are your very own cheat sheet before you even get behind the wheel.

If you want to cruise the scenic highway with the top down, we can help. If what you need is a mini bus to get you and the kids to the beach, no problem. Perhaps you need a nippy little car to beat the traffic and get you to that meeting, count on us. StepUp Car Rental is who you can turn to.

Our StepUp Car Rental service compares the price across all our car rental partners to find you the best deal, no matter what vehicle you’re looking for. StepUp Car Rental compares around 1 600 car hire brands to find the best prices across vehicle categories, from compacts to seven seaters and luxury cars.

It’s easy and hassle free. Our team is always available to help and it really doesn’t matter which of the 43 500 pick-up locations in 145 countries you are using.

Book now on You’ll see that we make booking a car seriously simple. A few easy steps and you can tick that box off your travel prep.