SAA celebrates 20 years of flying to Lagos, Nigeria

This former capital is one of the economic powerhouses of Africa. With its booming economy and its burgeoning tech scene, the city is flourishing. But this high energy city is also famous throughout Africa for its cultural scene. At its centre is the Nigerian film industry affectionately known as ‘Nollywood’ and the music scene in which fuels its vibrant nightlife and party culture. In fact, the metropolis has an unmistakable rhythm that is infectious for tourists.

What’s best though is to experience the heaving metropolis that is Lagos for yourself. With just over 10-million people living in Lagos, there is no shortage of activity or choice.

Where to stay

Accommodation in Lagos ranges from luxurious 5-star suites to standard backpacker hostels. A people with a deeply-ingrained culture, Lagosians do everything with a sense of grandeur.

So, what’s to do around Lagos?

First up, why not visit Tarkwa Bay. This bay is only accessible by boat making it ideal for surfing, water sports and safe bathing for young children. If Tarkwa Bay tickles your fancy, why not pay Coconut Beach, west of Lagos a visit too. It’s lauded as one Nigeria most beautiful and is to the people it’s a place of national pride. Alternatively, why not relax under shelters made of palm fronds on Lekki Beach, or visit the tranquil Eleko Beach, about 60km east of the city. It is the new favourite with fashionable Lagosians. Rent a beach hut for the day or, for a treat, hire someone to make a barbeque for you.

If the sand and sun get a bit much you could always take thing indoors with a visit to the National Museum of Nigeria where you can take in the culture of the nation while browsing ancient artefacts and relics.

While on the subject of preserving, a great stop would be to visit the Lekki Conservation Centre. Here you’ll be taken on a guided tour of the indigenous fauna and flora of the region and you’ll be able to test your fear of heights as you walk on rope swing bridge in the forest canopy.

Obviously, all of the above would work up quite an appetite. Fortunately, Lagos offers up some of the continents best restaurants. Vibrant fragrance and colours make the food something to remember. Travel hint, be sure to try the traditional jollof rice, and always insist its better than the jollof rice in Ghana, as both nations lay claim to its origins

All in all, Lagos is a city to fall in love with. The people and the atmosphere make it extraordinary. So, if unforgettable makes it onto your bucket list, why not book your flight now on and experience the splendour of Lagos first hand